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Ernst & George Realty Group, Serving the Greater New York City area.

About Ernst & George Realty Group

Our group was founded on a commitment to professionalism and customer service which remains the cornerstone of our business philosophy today. Integrity is the core value at our team. We associate ourselves with the best because we strive to remain the best in the industry. At Ernst & George Realty Group, we work with individuals, small companies and Fortune 500 companies to help them focus on growth by finding the right real estate transactions to meet their needs. We customize a proactive approach to networking, marketing, training, expansion and the daily operations of our business.

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New York City Is MY Hometown

The video is not mine, but it belongs to a great friend and awesome videographer Andriy Kyryllov.Hi, my name is George L. Rosario and I am from New York. New York City is MY Hometown

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What Does Success Mean To You And Why

SuccessThe meaning of success is subjective. That which makes one person feel successful may or may not make someone else feel successful. What makes me successful comes directly from my belief

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How Do I Start My Journey Towards Ownership

How do I start?Yes, that was my first question when I went into the world of business. I never looked at myself as a real estate salesperson. I saw myself as a business owner. I was working on

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